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Peugeot: a proud name in motoring

31 October 2014

Deciding which used car to go for can be tricky, as there are so many makes and models to choose from. A firm favourite with many of our customers is Peugeot and some of our loyal customers just wouldn’t consider buying anything else. Obviously your own circumstances are a good indicator of wh

Why used Ford is always a good choice

12 September 2014

Ford has played a role in virtually every motorist’s life, in some way or another. Even if you’ve never owned one yourself, chances are you nearly have, or wish you had! There’s a Ford in every street for the simple reason that Ford produces cars that people want to buy. Give the m

A question we're often asked here at Motor Market...

08 September 2014

...runs along the lines of: “Give me a couple of really good reasons why I should drive a diesel car”. This seems to be a debate that raises confusion and passion in equal parts. There is a simple answer and that’s: “Because the car that is most appealing to you happens to be

Searching Motor Market for your next Vauxhall

08 August 2014

When Vauxhall built their first ever motors, it was only a couple of years after Edward VII had succeeded Queen Victoria onto the throne! Incidentally, the first was a five-horsepower single-cylinder model, steered by using a tiller, and with two forward, but no reverse, gears! 

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