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Advice on driving in winter weather
31 January 2017

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Although spring is on the horizon, the UK is still experiencing hazardous winter conditions, which drivers should be fully aware of. Black ice and sleet can cause serious issues as they are hard to spot on the roads at night. If you ever believe the weather is too severe to drive in, stay off the roads if possible. Here are a few driving precautions to take into consideration for the last few weeks of winter:

1. Clean windows

Ensure you have good all-round visibility before you set off. Scrape off any ice from the windows and aim to get rid of any mist which may be blocking your view. In order to prevent your windows from misting up whilst driving, turn on the blowers towards the windscreen with hot air. Don't take the chance; make sure you can see very clearly to avoid creating hazards.

2. Leave space

When driving, leave enough room between your car and the car in front. If the roads are slippery and you need to break, you may end up catapulting into the car in front due to ice on the roads. Stopping distances should be increased in bad weather; whether it is raining, snowing or foggy, for your own personal safety.

3. Avoid harsh braking and acceleration

Try not to brake sharply, as you may startle drivers in cars behind you. Give them enough time to react to your actions rather than making last minute decisions, otherwise they may be at risk of crashing into the back of you. Also, be aware of how sharply you accelerate in icy weather conditions, to avoid skidding on black ice.

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