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How to keep your second hand car running smoothly this winter
31 October 2016

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winter car care

With the temperatures dropping and the winter months rapidly approaching, it’s only a matter of time before the de-icer comes out and we spend our mornings waiting for our car windscreens to clear. There's nothing worse than waking up on a frosty morning to find out that your car won’t start, so we’ve come up with some great tips and advice to ensure you avoid some of the most common problems people encounter with their second hand cars in winter.

1. Flat batteries

The AA state that flat batteries are the most common reason they are called out. The chemical reaction that takes place in car batteries is often slowed down in cold temperatures. To avoid a flat battery, make sure you regularly test it, particularly if the levels look low. Also ensure that electrical features such as lights, radios, heater and windscreen wipers are off when your vehicle is not in use. If you can, keep your car in the garage, where the temperature will be slightly higher.

2. Low tyre pressure

Not only does having a low tyre pressure make your car less fuel efficient, but it can also be incredibly dangerous as you have less control over your car. In cold weather, tyre pressure drops, however this is easily remedied. Make sure you regularly check the pressure of your tyres, and top them up as necessary.

3. Frozen washer reservoir

Sometimes frozen washer reservoirs will thaw on their own as you are driving, due to the engine heat, however the best fix is to not dilute screen wash in winter months, and just pour it in neat.

4. Thick oil

Once again, this is something that happens naturally in cold weather, meaning your car has to work harder. If the oil gets too thick, you may not be able to start your car at all. Check your oil regularly, particularly in very cold weather, and change it often

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