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Avoiding those purchase pitfalls
30 January 2016

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Avoid purchasing pitfalls when buying your next car

Buying a new car is a risky business, with lots of different things to consider. You need to know that you have made the right decision and that you have not made compromises in the wrong areas. Price matters, and you need a car that suits your budget. However, you do not want to choose the cheapest option and have it fail a few months down the line. Performance and reliability are just as important - and then you need to consider the comfort and ease of driving, too. How can you be sure that you have chosen well?

Visiting an authorised and reputable dealer when buying a car is the first step to avoiding risk. After all, a private seller could be just about anyone, and may not be honest with you. What seems a great deal could actually prove a false economy, and there is little to protect you if the deal turns sour. On the other hand, a reliable and trusted company will make sure that you are protected during and after your purchase. By choosing a company such as Motor Market, you can be sure your car meets the standard you expect. When you select a trusted dealer, you know any car you buy will be put through its paces with a rigorous inspection. Our own team use the AA's 128-point performance and safety check to give you complete satisfaction and confidence in your purchase.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new vehicle and want to avoid making the wrong choice, consider where your vehicle is being bought from and what its background is. When you choose a registered company, your purchase is traceable and your consumer rights are protected. Always pick a place you trust if making a big purchase decision, and you can be sure you will be in safe hands.

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