With Valentine’s day approaching and February being the month of Love we thought we would look at why we love our cars so much, Some people have names for their cars …some even go so far as to put false eyelashes on them to almost humanising them! So why are they more than just a piece of metal that gets us from A to B, most people seem to love and cherish them…but why!?

  1.       One reason could be because of the freedom they give us, they give us our independence. Having your own car gives you the freedom to go where ever you want in your own time, in your own comfort and on your own terms.  

2.       Road Trip! What is more fun than grabbing your friends and jumping in the car and going off on an adventure, get some good tunes on, a few snacks in the glove box and away you go driving off into the sunset! Spending quality time with your family and friends is priceless and your car allows that to happen!

  3.       Having a car is convenient, it’s there ready and waiting for when you want to jump in it and head off somewhere, it saves you from having to use public transport (and we all know how unreliable that can be!) Cars help us to avoid that rainy walk to the bus stop or that awkward train journey where we spend it standing up because all the seats are taken! Our cars are so much more comfortable and reliable.  

4.       Some people simply love to drive! Driving is a skill and people love to practice a skill and improve on it. If you have a convertible there is nothing better than driving down a country lane with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face! Even taking the scenic route on the way home from work in your car can be the perfect relaxing antidote after a stressful day!

  5.       We can spend a lot of time in our cars so most people choose one that reflects them and their personality. It also needs to suit your lifestyle there is no point choosing a 2 seater sports car if you have 2 children and a dog! The biggest translation of your personality is usually the colour you pick if you go for red it is said you are sensual, dynamic and outgoing, if you go for grey apparently you are neutral, sober and practical …so choose carefully! Cars are a reflection of our personality and that’s another reason why they mean so much to us.  

Why not give your car a bit of a treat this month, after all, it deserves it for all the pleasure it brings you.

How about a full valet: having a clean car inside and out makes being in it even more pleasurable to use, and protects it from all the winter elements. Top up your fluids regularly: check your engine oil, antifreeze and the windscreen washer bottle, all of this helps your car to run more efficiently and safely. Also, check those tyres tread depths! The legal minimum is 1.6mm, In winter though the AA recommends 3mm to deal with any ice or snow that may be about, even in February we can still see a lot of wintery, bad weather! And lastly why not think about buying an extended warranty for your car, it is a great way to save money on maintenance costs.

Taking care of your car will ensure it remains reliable and trustworthy; this will keep the connection you have between you and your car alive! So when people say they love their cars, they really do mean it, our cars become part of our extended family. Our cars give us the freedom to explore and unwind, maybe that is why we love our cars so much!

Why not give the guys here at Motor Market a call, they will be only too happy to help you find a car that is a perfect match for you!  Call us today on 01384 411119.  

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