Size matters! Think carefully whether a big or small car will suit you best

There are many factors you have to bear in mind when choosing a car: its cost, its fuel efficiency, how comfortable it is to drive, and so on.

One of the things that doesn't instantly spring to mind yet always feels important later on is the size of your new vehicle and whether going big or keeping small is the best option. To help you make the decision that's best for you, here's a comparison of the benefits of both.

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Good things come in small packages

Extra space sounds convenient, but you don't always need it and - when trying to squeeze into tight parking spaces - it can sometimes be more of an irritation than a blessing.

Small cars rarely have to face the issue of fitting into a gap or taking up the entire street when parking outside your house. It also often feels like you have a comfortable amount of space either side when driving on the roads.

Not to mention the less weight you have, the less fuel it often takes to power you. If you're not going to need that extra space, why pay for it?

Drive away with this used Renault Clio from our West Midlands showroom

Small Car Choice: Renault Clio Hatchback

If you decide to choose a smaller vehicle, a good safe bet would be the Renault Clio. We have a selection of affordable used Renault Clio cars available on finance from as little as £85 per month.

The bigger, the better

Of course, if you do need the extra space - whether it's a large family you need to ferry around or groups of friends who always need lifts - then it's worth paying a little bit more in fuel rather than squeezing uncomfortably on every journey.

Plus, when you are in a situation where it's just you or a couple of people, you get the luxury of being able to stretch your legs and enjoy a bit of air around you, rather than that cooped up feeling you can get from being in a small space for too long.

Also, if the tyres wear out, finding new ones is far easier for larger cars than for their smaller counterparts. Good luck running that car on three wheels!

Drive away with this used Vauxhall Astra from our West Midlands showroom

Large Car Choice: Vauxhall Astra Estate

One vehicle that fits the bill perfectly is the Vauxhall Astra - with the Estate option giving you plenty of room for the family and decent boot storage space. We have a great range of used Vauxhall Astra cars starting from under £5,000 with pay monthly finance options avaliable.

Advice on choosing your perfect vehicle

Of course if you’re not sure which type of car you should go for, then why not come and visit us at Motor Market? We’re the experts in the West Midlands when it comes to buying used cars on finance, offering some of the best deals.

So speak to us today, and hopefully we can help you drive away with your perfect vehicle.

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