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Be amazed by an automatic
23 June 2016

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Automatic cars are a great alternative

Here in the UK, we’re pretty much all manual gear drivers when we hop behind the wheel. There are a few exceptions, but the quantities of manual gearboxes on our roads outnumber the automatic gearboxes quite considerably.

If you do a lot of suburban driving, you’ll probably find an automatic gearbox a relief. No more switching up and down through the gears, pushing the clutch pedal in and out. Just put your car into “Drive”, and off you go.

Automatics can be more economical to run

While you may find that an automatic car is more expensive than a manual, and sometimes can be harder to find as they’re not as popular a choice in the UK, drivers of automatic vehicles usually find that since the car is fitted with computerised monitors which can track your driving, it knows how to drive most economically. This in turn saves money on fuel costs, and allows the driver to have a much more efficient driving experience.

Easier to drive for learners

If you’re new to automatic cars, the lack of a gear stick may feel strange at first. Automatics have forgone the mechanics needed for a manual gearbox, instead, they’re at liberty to put the gear selector wherever they like. You may find it in the form of paddles on the steering wheel, or as a button located somewhere near the dashboard. In some instances, it may look a bit like a traditional gear stick, but with very different options. Some new drivers find it easier to drive automatic vehicles, as they don't have to worry about changing gear when they're just starting out. However those that learn to drive in an automatic car will only be licenced to drive automatics and must take a seperate test for manual.

We have a great selection of automatic cars at Motor Market

While fans of manual gearboxes say that giving up control of your gears means that you’re less connected to your car when you drive and lessens your driving experience, the fact that supercar manufacturers Ferrari now offer solely an automatic should prove that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Come on down to Motor Market in the West Midlands and have a look at the automatic and manual vehicles we’ve got in stock. You might surprise yourself once you’re behind the wheel of one of our fantastic cars.

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