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A question we're often asked here at Motor Market...
08 September 2014

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Diesel pump

...runs along the lines of: “Give me a couple of really good reasons why I should drive a diesel car”. This seems to be a debate that raises confusion and passion in equal parts. There is a simple answer and that’s: “Because the car that is most appealing to you happens to be a diesel”. That might be a slight cop out to what underlies the original question, which is likely to be raised by a person who has not owned a diesel car previously. In response, we would usually point out that a diesel generally offers better fuel economy and, at the same time, produces lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

Many folk who have switched to diesel vehicles now swear by them. There’s an old saying that there is: “No more passionate advocate than one who’s been converted” and that is often true in this particular case!

To be honest though, there is no better test, if you are thinking about buying a diesel for the first time, than to come down and have a look at the used diesel cars we have for sale in our West Midlands showroom and judge for yourself. At last check, we have about three dozen different models for you to consider. Of course, our stock is constantly changing. To carry out an up-to-the-minute check, simply take a moment and click here

To give you an idea of the scope of used diesel cars we normally have in stock, as we write this blog these range from a silver Ford Mondeo Titanium TDC1 2.0L with 16,000 miles travelled and available for just £15,495 to an Audi A3 TDI SE 1.6L with just under a hundred thousand miles and a price of less than eight and a half thousand (and an annual £20 road tax). We have a terrific selection of such used cars for sale in our West Midlands showroom, and many are currently priced at under £7,000. 

When you do want to come on down and inspect our current diesel options for yourself, you’ll find us in Newton Lane in Cradley Heath. Of course, we are always at the other end of a phone, so just call 01384 411119.

We can’t promise to convert you to diesel, just show you the options and discuss the possibilities. Incidentally, if you do decide to stick to petrol, we’ll have fifty or so choices ready for your inspection!

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