If you've been looking to purchase a used car then there will be several factors that you will have probably already considered, such as narrowing down your preferred make and model of vehicle, deciding upon the amount of money you are willing to spend and assessing whether you would rather purchase your used car from a private owner or dealership. However, one factor that you may not yet have thought about is carrying out an HPI check on the used car you intend to buy. Many motorists overlook or underestimate the importance of these Hire Purchase Information (HPI) checks but they can prove crucial in ascertaining the true condition of the vehicle you intend to buy.

Find the background of your vehicle with Hire Purchase Protection checks

All you need to possess in order to carry out an HPI check is the registration number of the vehicle in question. Using this registration number, a HPI check will access the DVLA and police databases as well as checking with alternative legislative organisations across the United Kingdom in order to present you with comprehensive background records concerning your used car. From outlining the exact mileage that the vehicle in question has travelled to unveiling its current insurance protection, MOT status and roadworthy condition, an HPI check will equip you with all of the essential information you need in order to make an informed decision about the vehicle you intend to buy.

Furthermore, an HPI check will also reveal whether the used car you wish to purchase is currently affiliated with any outstanding finance payments, or if it has ever been stolen and involved in automotive collisions. Subsequently, by ascertaining this valid vehicular information you can avoid purchasing a used car and then being held responsible for any financial or criminal repercussions that are associated with its previous owners.

At Motor Market, we carry out HPI checks on all of the cars in our possession. Therefore if you have been looking for a roadworthy used vehicle, or if you have any further questions regarding HPI checks, then all you have to do is contact us today via phone or email. By doing so, a member of our customer service team can efficiently resolve any issues you may have.

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