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What to keep in your car in case of emergency...
14 September 2020

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What to Keep in Your Car In Case of Emergency

We take getting safely from A-Z for granted. We tend to trust that other drivers are as good behind the wheel as we hope we are.

We like to think that accidents are things that happen to other people. But the truth is that you can never know what will happen on the roads. Accidents can come out of nowhere, break downs may leave you waiting for help in dangerous locations, or bad weather could strand you in terrible conditions.

When it comes to car travel, prepare for the worst so that if it, unfortunately, does happen, your preparation will mean significantly fewer things to stress about.  

Here at Motor Market, we have some tips on what to keep stored away in your boot just in case. But hopefully, it will never need to leave the boot.  

For Winter Conditions

Winter, which is just around the corner, is often the time for most road emergencies. Icy roads, freezing conditions affecting engines and more hours spent in darkness all increase the likelihood. Why not get prepared now, in time for when the icy weather arrives.

A few ideas of what you could carry in your boot to help you out of an unwanted situation are :

·         Ice scraper & de-icer - To keep your windscreens clear

·         Blanket- you might be stuck somewhere a while and will need to keep warm

·         Torch- as said previously, less daylight in winter  

For more general emergencies

These are absolute necessities in case of an emergency all year round:

·         Spare tyre- learn how to put one on for peace of mind

·         Jump Leads- to restart the car if the engine fails

·         Break down service number- and insurance details so you can be rescued

·         Mobile phone charger- to ensure you can call for help/be contactable.  

Other helpful Tips

·         Always ensure your tank is at least half-full to stop the fuel line from freezing, or in case you can’t reach a petrol station quickly

·         Have winter tyres fitted, especially if there is going to be a nasty weather spell  

If you re concerned about your car’s systems not being up to scratch during an emergency, perhaps it is time to look at one of our AA approved used vehicles.

The AA carries out an independent detailed 128 multipoint mechanical check and provides us with the report, only cars that pass on every point are issued with a certificate.

They will check antifreeze level, brakes, car battery, heater and defroster, lights and hazard lights, oil, thermostat, and windshield wiper and washer fluid level.

All things you will most likely need in an emergency. Why not check our online showroom and see if we have the perfect car for you.  

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