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Using your used car in the summer
05 August 2020

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The Summer can be hard on your car, and there are a few things you might not know when it comes to taking care of it during the warmer months.

Whether you are driving to the beach with your family or visiting a friend post lockdown, we have a few tips and tricks for you to keep you comfortable and safe on the road.

Did you know hot weather can shorten your battery’s lifespan? Although it may be great for us to get a nice tan, the heat accelerates your battery’s chemical reaction, making battery fluid evaporate. To counteract this, we would recommend checking your battery heat barrier is intact and avoid parking directly in the sun.

It may seem like the best pass time to go out with a bucket and sponge and give your car a bit of TLC in the sun. However, care professionals recommend avoiding washing your car in direct sunlight. Due to the heat, water and soap dry a lot quicker on your cars surface leaving you with those frustrating water spots. Wait until the weather is cooler or overcast to get that lasting shine on your car.

In the heat your tyres are working even harder than usual, this combined with a hot road means they are more likely to blow out. Make sure your tyres are properly inflated and not tread worn, you do not want to be stranded on a trip in the summer heat.

All our used cars are put through a strict mechanical check, so that is one less thing to worry about.

If you are planning a day trip to the beach or to visit a distant family member always remember to pack essentials, such as a first aid kit and plenty of snacks. However, make sure not to overload your car, a heavy load will make breaking harder, especially in that summer heat.

Did you know your wiper blades can melt in intense heat? How you need to keep hydrated in the warm weather, your wiper blades do too! Make sure to clean your wipers with soapy water and rubbing alcohol to keep them lubricated so they last longer.

Similarly, your engine needs plenty of lubrication in the heat. Make sure to keep on top of engine oil changes, you do not want to ruin a perfect drive out in the summer sun. Whether you are parked up by the beach, a country road, or at home, we highly recommend covering your steering wheel, seat belt buckles, and child seat harnesses with a cloth or tea towel to avoid burning yourself when you hop back in. The last thing you want after a nice day out is to cause upset and injury!

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you have the best summer in your used car.

As a family business, Motor Market understand the importance of a reliable car, for yourself or your family. We have the largest stocklist of quality used cars for sale across the West Midlands, and we are committed to going the extra mile to help you with your used car needs. If you are concerned about visiting in the current climate, not to worry we have an online showroom to browse at ease.  

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