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While buying a used car is cheaper than buying new, it can still be a large investment. That's why it is important to ensure that your money goes as far as possible. By keeping these following key points in mind you should be able to maximise your buying potential on whatever budget you have.

1. Petrol vs diesel

Petrol engines are usually less economical than diesel engines but that doesn't mean you should purchase a diesel car simply for that reason. Cars with diesel engines are usually slightly more expensive than their petrol equivalents and although diesel always used to be the cheaper fuel, these days it costs more at the pump than unleaded. That said, diesel engines are generally considered to be more hard-wearing and capable of clocking up a higher mileage without serious problems.

2. Check the CO2 emissions

We all want to know that we are doing our bit for the environment whenever we can but it is also important to remember that higher polluting cars cost more to tax than greener ones. Fuel-efficient and part-electric models attract very little road tax and also generally hold their value well.

3. Insurance groups

Insurance can be a significant part of the cost of keeping a car on the road. There are many contributing factors used by insurance companies to determine the cost of insuring a car but one of the main factors is the size of the car. Larger cars such as SUVs, 4X4s and convertibles are far more expensive to insure than smaller hatchback models. The size of the engine will also affect your insurance premiums so keep that in mind whilst browsing the forecourt.

4. Finance

By choosing the best car finance in the West Midlands, you will be in a position to purchase a significantly better quality car which in the long term could save you considerable money. At Motor Market, we have some of the cheapest car finance West Midlands has to offer on our AA-approved cars. We're Specialist Automotive Finance experts, so our friendly team are best placed to help you make the right choice on your car finance.

Ensure that when you make that purchase you are confident that your money is working as hard for you as possible. Give us a call today and see how we can help.

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