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New cars have a lot of aesthetic and cleanliness advantages: the smell, the shining paintwork, the spotless interior… In the eyes of many, they’re far superior to second-hand models, but is there actually a bigger picture?

In fact, second-hand cars have an awful lot to recommend them, and if you’re in search of a new motor, you really ought to consider one. If you’re wondering why, here are just three of the benefits associated with buying used cars.

1. It’s economical

Although it’s nice to get in a car and know that you’re the first person to own it, it’s a privilege that you pay for – to the tune of thousands. Single digit mileage and freshly upholstered seats are definitely not economical, and the price gap between new and used vehicles can often be astronomical. This means that for those with a smaller budget, buying second-hand is by far the better option.

2. They won’t lose their value as quickly

Most of us know that new cars experience a dramatic drop in value as soon as they leave the showroom, but did you know that this can equate to as much as a 40 per cent reduction in their first year alone? For those who buy used, the loss in value over time is far less drastic, making them the wiser long-term investment for the money-savvy individual.

3. Your money will go further

As we mentioned above, used cars are much cheaper to buy, so imagine the difference between the sort of makes and models you could buy new for £10,000, and used for the same amount. Even the average driver can get a great car if they’re willing to forgo newness in favour of quality, and a quick look at second-hand cars and their price tags will prove eye-opening for those with dreams of owning a truly magnificent motor.

With this in mind, is it really worth paying the price tag for a newer vehicle when you could get an even better car second-hand? We don’t think so either.

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