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The benefits of diesel cars
26 May 2016

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Why you should consider buying a diesel car

Ten years ago, the difference between petrol and diesel was pretty clear. Diesel was economical, but meant a noisy engine, a compulsory turbo element to get you away from traffic lights and roundabouts at anything faster than a snail’s pace and essentially, choosing practicality over fun.

Diesel cars have come a long way

That’s not the case any more though. Diesel is catching up to its rival, to the point where there’s not a great deal of difference between the two. Advances in technology and engineering have the two fuels on a fairly level playing field now. Forget the bumpy double decker bus rides associated with diesel vehicles, because a lot of work has gone into improving the smoothness of your journey. In many cases, they’re better performers than the two or three cylinder petrol engines which manufacturers are putting into petrol cars in an attempt to make them more fuel efficient.

Save money on running costs

While a diesel car might initially be more expensive than petrol, you’ll save money when it comes to tax and insurance costs, with diesel engines being cheaper on both counts. It may take a few months, but the running costs of the two will eventually match up.

Your diesel engine, particularly if it’s fitted with a turbo, can really build its torque (the boost you feel when you start to accelerate) at lower rev levels, so you can change gear sooner and stay in the cheaper-to-run higher gears. If you don’t fancy rapid gear changes, why not combine a diesel engine with an automatic gearbox?

The old view about larger vehicles benefiting from a diesel engine still remains. Big cars really will be cheaper to run with a diesel engine, which can cope better with the weight and demands which 4x4s and people carriers put on it.

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