Happy new year to all our valued customers, old, new, and future ones!

The new year is the best time to kick start a new you!

Many will be making New Year’s resolutions, and this year is extra popular for making that new year promises, especially after the last two years we honestly believe many have re-evaluated life, and their priorities, this time has taught it is not to take anything for granted.

2022 may be the year that you have a renewed focus on your lifestyle and dreams.

We have put together a few ideas to help you with your new year’s resolutions:  

Get fit and healthy!

After overindulging in food and drink during Christmas time, now is the perfect time to kick start a healthy eating plan and exercise program. A lot of people are trying out dry January (Giving up alcohol for the month of January) for the first time this year and many are trying Veganuary ( Giving up meat and taking to the vegan lifestyle for 31 days) you don’t have to join an expensive gym to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine, walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift, going for a walk after work or even before, just 20 minutes a day can be totally beneficial for the body and mind! Find something you enjoy, and then it will not feel like exercise!  

Is it time for a new job?

Could the new year by the time you decide to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the challenge of a new job. It could be the time that you go for that promotion at work, or in fact, change jobs altogether. January is the time to be brave and make that move! Go on go for it!  

Saving money

What better time of year to set up a savings plan, you do not have to put a massive amount away each week or month, every little helps as they say! Put away what you can afford, be that £5 a week or £50!  

Be available for friends and family

If the pandemic and lockdowns taught us anything it is how important friends and family are in our life, we have all been guilty of sometimes being too busy to take the time and effort to visit or go out with people, but after two years of dealing with the various restrictions that were thrown at us, I think more of us have decided that seeing friends and family is definitely a priority, so make that call, arrange that meet up, you might just make someone’s day!  

Buying a new car!

Why not give yourself a boost by buying a new car, did your current car let you down over the holidays, have your circumstances changed or you are just feeling like an upgrade on your current vehicle is needed. Give us a call here at Motor Market on 01384 411119

Buying a new car can actually help you stick to your new year's resolutions too: getting fit and healthy, you might wonder how a new car will help, well if you have a lovely shiny new car you will be more inclined to jump in it at any opportunity and drive to the gym or if not the gym, the park for a walk and you’ll want to keep that lovely new car in tip-top condition by washing it weekly, not only will it look fabulous, imagine the calories you will burn whilst doing it!

Getting that new job, a new car could be the incentive you need to get that promotion, with the extra money you could buy that car you’ve had your eye on, or with a total change of job, what would feel better than having a new car to get to work in comfort and style, it could be the confidence boost you need, anyone witnessing you turning up will associate your new car with capability and success.

Saving money, buying a new car, especially one from us here at Motor Market could in fact save you money in the long run, an upgraded car can give you better reliability, lower insurance costs, and an improved MPG. All our cars are competitively priced so why not grab yourself a bargain!


With a new car, it gives you an excuse to pop round and see that family member or friend, you can show off your wonderful new purchase and maybe if take them for a spin in it!

Why not pop in and see us and let us help you make your new years resolutions a reality!      

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