The European Commission has warned Birmingham City Council in 2017 that it has to make the city’s air cleaner by the year 2020 or potentially face a 60 million fine.  

The Birmingham clean air zone will be introduced by July 2020, with its main aim to reduce levels of NO2 in the air to an average of 40μg/m3, as soon as possible.  

If your car does not meet the relevant criteria, when driving into Birmingham you will have to pay an £8 charge. If you do not pay, you could be hit with a fine of £120 (reduced to £60 if paid within a fortnight).  

Reducing the emissions of your vehicle is good for the environment and by making your car run as efficiently as possible you could get an increased fuel economy. So even if your car does not meet the current emission standards, there are small changes you can do to your car to help the environment and help lower the emissions your car produces.  

Here are our top tips to get the best performance out of your car and lower its emissions:  

  1. Most people when filling up their car with fuel will go for the cheapest option, but is that the best thing for your car? probably not: At the petrol stations you will see the usual unleaded then there will be super or premium, apparently these more expensive fuels contain cleaning agents to remove dirt from the engine which should improve efficiency and reduce emissions
  2. Change your oil regularly, engine oil lubricates, cools, cleans and keeps the engine working as it should. Changing the oil at regular intervals will ensure your car is running at maximum efficiency.
  3. Check your tyre pressure! Low tyre pressure increases your fuel consumption and co2 emissions, it can increase it by as much as 20% according to studies. So, we recommend checking your tyre pressures at least once a month, you will find the manufacturer’s recommendations in your handbook or usually on the side of your car doors.
  4. Do not leave your engine running when idle. If you are waiting to pick the kids up from school or popping into a shop, turn off the engine! Idling wastes more fuel than restarting your engine. Some cars now are fitted with a stop-start system: if you have this facility, make sure it is switched on.
  5. Lastly why not think about changing your car, modern cars are more efficient than ever, manufacturers are faced with tougher environmental legislation, so they simply must be! Buying a newer car would help to significantly reduce emissions and help you avoid those clean air zone charges!

So whether you are looking for an improved economy on your fuel, insurance and road tax or you are simply looking for a more efficient vehicle, why not pop in and see us here at Motor Market.  

Based in Cradley Heath, West Midlands, in the heart of the Black Country, Motor Market is proud of its simple values "we always treat everyone fairly, we won't let you down and our word is always our bond". As the area's largest stockist of quality used cars, you will get the benefit of over 35 years of industry experience when you visit Motor Market.

We're also a family business, run by brothers Dean and Adam Bridge, who are committed to offering personal service and expert guidance that goes the extra mile.  

Call us today on 01384 411119!  

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