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Low Emission Used Cars
20 May 2015

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Low Emission Used Cars Sheffield

Here at Motor Market, we appreciate that an increasing number of motorists are concerned about the emissions their vehicle produces, and the effect this then has on the environment. This is why we have introduced our exclusive listing of low emission vehicles below.

Why are many folk eager to choose such a vehicle? Well, road transport accounts for nearly a fifth of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions. Apart from the irritating and dangerous effects of poor air quality, motorists also know that their used vehicle needs to pass the exhaust emissions test as part of its annual MOT. Also, the more eco-friendly vehicle you choose, then the lower your annual road tax charge should be. Of course, some models are completely free of this duty.

Incidentally, having made your choice of a low emission vehicle, superbly presented by Motor Market, it pays to continue to check tuning, tyre pressure, brakes, and fuel consumption on a regular basis to make best use of your choice. Other useful suggestions are to switch off your engine if stuck in traffic for more than a minute or so, and only use your in-car air conditioning when you need to, rather than having it constantly in operation. Emissions are lowest at around 50mph, while gentle starts and stops are also beneficial.

Below, you'll find our listing of low emission used cars here at Motor Market in the West Midlands. We know it can be a complex subject, and if you’d like some help in making your choice, either call 01384 411119 or pop into our showroom on Newton Lane in Cradley Heath and our expert and friendly team will be happy to answer any questions.

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