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Less cars on the road…but more speeding drivers…
17 June 2020

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Figures have shown with the Covid-19 pandemic around, the traffic on roads has been reduced by nearly two thirds, this has meant that the number of accidents on the road has significantly been reduced.

Although police have announced that with the quieter roads, there has been an increase in speeding fines! The empty roads seem to have bought out all the wannabe racing drivers, bringing an increase in speeding and erratic behaviour of drivers behind the wheel!

Driving on the UK roads has decreased by at least 60% since the lockdown was announced in March, with 63% fewer cars on the roads. These figures were released by the cabinet office.

With fewer cars on the road insurance claims are also expected to fall by the same percentage (about 60%) each week.

Now especially is not the time for motorists to be taking unnecessary risks when as a nation we are all trying to not put pressure on the NHS, most people do not want to overload the NHS with any emergencies that can be avoided, as we all know their focus needs to be on fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

But it is a cause for concern, as the increasingly erratic behaviour seems to be happening on our roads.

There have been several stories on social media from the police announcing just some of the drivers they have had to deal with: One man was caught speeding on the M1 doing 110 mph, there were also two drivers racing each other at 98mph in a 50-mph speed limit zone in Surrey. One driver clocked 134 mph in a 40-mph zone on the A10.

Police have asked that motorists still stick to the speed limits, stating just because traffic is different the limit is not!   

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