Hybrid technology started in the UK in the year 2000, however, most people have never actually driven one. You may be pleasantly surprised by the drive.

People may choose the Hybrid car over just an electric one because they don’t want to be restricted on how many miles they can travel before having to stop to recharge. Hybrid technology offers the driver low CO2 emissions and no worry that you will run out of charge mid-journey!

The hybrid car combines an electric motor with a combustion petrol engine. The car will use the electric motor to supplement the engine for improved acceleration, while the regenerative braking helps to charge the battery. A Hybrid car will offer you lower running costs and the emissions will be lower than most diesel cars, most Hybrids can only be driven on a short amount of time on the electric power alone, but then the engine will kick in and take over.

Hybrid cars work best when they are driven in urban settings. If the speed limit increases or the battery begins to run out of power the car will automatically switch to the engine to power the wheels and recharge the batteries.

The Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid 1.6L SE is a great example of a hybrid, it delivers everything you would expect from a conventional car but with all the environmental and economic benefits that come with electric car driving. The whole car was designed with aesthetics and efficiency in mind. It has an aerodynamic profile with maximum efficiency. The combined fuel economy is 62.8 mpg.

Another great example of a hybrid car is the Toyota Auris 1.8L VVT-I Icon Touring Sports the petrol/hybrid engine is quiet and refined, It is a sleek looking estate car, very comfortable to travel in, it has a huge boot with plenty of space. The combined fuel economy on this is 78.5 mpg.

The last hybrid we will mention is the Volkswagen Golf 1.4L GTE DSG which does 188.3 mpg combined. The VW Golf is comfortable and classy with plenty of room inside. The whole dynamic set up of this car is responsive and accurate.

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