Getting your car ready for back to school

We have all purchased the uniforms, stocked the fridges ready for packed lunches again, but have we forgotten to check our cars! We believe it is wise to give your car a check over before the school runs re-start, our cars need to be reliable and ready for those school journeys again!

1.       Wash your car, dirt, dust, and debris can all take their toll on your car over time. Keeping it clean and washed will not only keep it looking good but protect it from abrasive dirt that can eat away at your car’s paintwork.

2.       Check your windscreen wash is topped up and your windscreen wipers are in good condition, visibility is essential for the safety of you and others when driving.

3.       Check your tyres and their pressure, lack of tread and air can cause you difficulty when stopping and steering. Don’t forget to check the spare also and that you have the tools to change the wheel should it be needed!

4.       Check under the bonnet-check your coolant and that you have the right amount in, if needed top up the correct type of antifreeze.

5.       Again, under the bonnet, check your oil and top that up if needed.

6.       Start your engine, don’t leave it until the first day of school, check that your car starts okay beforehand, batteries as a rule should last at least 5 years but if your car has been left for a while without being used it can lead to a weak or faulty battery.

If you think it's time for a new car as well as a new school uniform, look no further than Motor Market!

Based in Cradley Heath, West Midlands, we have a range of used cars available to suit your budget.

Why not pop in and see us at our showroom or have a look online to see what stock we have in!

Whatever your motoring needs you can be confident our trusted Motor Market team will be happy to look after you.

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