So, you've decided to be sensible and get a car to suit the needs of all the family. Maybe this is your only car and it needs to cover all eventualities; here are some top tips to consider when choosing your family car:

Choosing a family car

Hatchback, saloon, or MPV?

While a saloon gives you great boot space, it simply isn't as versatile as a hatchback. If you have multiple buggies or pets, a hatchback is for you. If you have three or more children, the choice may have been made for you - you need an MPV. Most MPV's offer you seven seats and plenty of space with extra height, which is perfect for camping holidays.


While you want maximum protection for you and your family, if you're in a situation where you'll be needing to use a rear facing child seat in the front, you need to make sure the car you choose has the option to turn off the passenger airbag.


Five doors win over three for obvious reasons. You have greater access to the back, and they offer easier exit in case of a prang. Make sure the doors open wide enough for you to be able to strap your little ones in without too much hassle.

Child seat fittings

Take your child seat along if you can, so you can check for ease of fitting. Some models come with specially adapted fittings which can make life much easier.

Sliding seats

Rear seats that have a good sliding range are great for families. You can slide them forward for extra storage, or back to stop your cherubs kicking your seat.

Stadium seating

Stadium seating is when the rear seats are higher than the front. This is important if your child suffers from travel sickness, as the clearer view can ease symptoms. It also means that you can keep a closer eye on them.

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