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Terrific news about used car finance in the West Midlands
05 August 2015

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There is no doubt that, over the last few years, it has proved very difficult for many folk to find sources of finance for key purchases such as that vital set of wheels. Thankfully, there does now appear to be some light at the end of the tunnel, with the economic outlook getting steadily better, if still a little slowly.

Here at Motor Market we are delighted that this improvement is now leading to a better climate in the car finance world. This is particularly good news for the folk who have suffered most, finding themselves in arrears, and often being the subject of CCJs or even bankruptcy. This then leads to a bad credit profile, meaning there has often been little chance of securing the funding they needed. Therefore, it’s really good to know that some finance houses are loosening the purse strings and adopting more positive policies towards lending applications.

A fine example of this is our specialist subprime car finance preferred lender – Black Country Car Finance. Whereas many finance companies spend much of their time scouring records to find reasons not to provide the cash needed, Black Country prefers to concentrate on the positive. They mainly focus on confirming that their customers can afford the monthly repayments from this moment on, rather than always harking back to what has happened in the past. Black Country Finance always looks to share the same attitude as Barak Obama’s slogan during his first campaign for the US presidency: ‘Yes we can’.

Therefore, if you are seeking out car finance yet have a bad credit profile – or simply want to gain a really good deal – do pay a visit to Black Country Car Finance. There you can quickly apply for the finance you need, and then select from our terrific range of quality used cars starting at less than two thousand pounds. Everything, from your initial application, to actually driving around the West Midlands in the quality used car of your choice, is usually completed within just three to five days. So it’s really a case of ‘yes we certainly can!’

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