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Why winter is the right time to buy a convertible
16 November 2016

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There's nothing better than wafting along on a summer's day with the roof down and the wind in your hair.

Given our climate, you might be surprised to know that so many of us Brits value those moments in the sun that we buy more convertibles than the French, the Italians and the Spanish, all of whom have more sunny days than we do. In Europe, only German motorists buy more convertibles than we do.

Thing is, come the summer, there's a real boom in the used market for convertibles. That's why these cold winter months are ideal for buying the convertible of your dreams.

If you're buying from a used car dealer, you could find that he's so anxious to clear the convertibles off his forecourt, that he'll be open to reduced offers. Private sales can often be had for a better price as summer toys are sold off.

There's another significant advantage. Buying a convertible on a really rainy day helps you to test that the roof really is as waterproof as the seller is telling you. Make sure you test the mechanism, too. Whether it's a traditional canvas roof or one of the more sturdy metal varieties, getting the roof up and down quickly really is important.

Whatever your choice, always remember that we're here to help. When it comes to West Midlands used car advice or finding the cheapest car finance in the West Midlands we're always on hand.

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That convertible for next summer? It's within your reach!

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