Advice and tips on purchasing a first vehicle for new drivers

Starting to drive is an exciting time, and the day when you can finally hold the keys to your own car is in sight. Yet there are so many factors to consider when choosing your first car that the process can seem a lot more complicated than you originally thought. Here are a few things you need to bear in mind.

Is the car suitable for a first time driver?

You may love the idea of a two litre Subaru Impreza, but it's probably best to wait until you have the confidence and experience on the road that only comes after you've been driving for quite a while. Don't run before you can walk; cars with smaller engines are probably best to begin with while you build your confidence. Although they have less power, they are great for helping you gain more driving experience, and are usually cheaper to insure.

Insurance groups

Research which insurance group the car you want belongs to. You may be surprised to find the cars you thought would belong to lower insurance groups are actually higher up the scale. The higher the group, the more your insurance premium is likely to cost, and this is especially true for first time drivers. Think about what you can afford carefully; you don't want to be struggling to pay your premium.

Used or new?

Many new drivers feel it isn't best to invest in a brand new car when road experience isn't on their side, and their insurance premium could prove even more expensive. Motor Market have a range of affordable, quality used cars suitable for new drivers. All of our cars have a 12 month MOT, an AA Parts and Labour Mechanical Warranty, plus a 128 point AA Mechanical Inspection Report. Being a first time driver is stressful enough without worrying about whether your car is up to it, so by trusting Motor Market, you can rest easy knowing your first car will be safe and reliable. Get in touch today to find out more.

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