Guaranteed peace of mind when buying a used vehicle

Picking up a used vehicle is the best way to ensure you get a bargain. You can save thousands on the cost of a new car, while still picking from a range of modern motors that meet all your needs. However, like with any used goods there is often an element of risk. Is the car you buy really as good as the seller is telling you? How can you be sure that there are no hidden faults, or signs of wear that will only get worse with time? A good vehicle dealer such as Motor Market in the West Midlands will always give you a detailed report of your new car's history, and provide you with a comprehensive warranty for your peace of mind.

Peace of mind when buying a used vehicle

For full confidence in your purchase, the AA 128-point Mechanical Check has been developed. Approved mechanics put used vehicles through their paces in a rigorous inspection that addresses performance, body condition, emissions, fittings and more. Through a full road test and using state of the art diagnostic equipment, vehicles are put through their paces before they come up for sale, and carry a certificate verifying that they passed every point. Those vehicles which do not meet every standard do not get the AA badge, although reports on their condition are still made available for your information.

AA Mechanical checks at Motormarket in the West Midlands 

Just like a pre-purchase inspection for private sales, the 128-point check is a great indicator that you are making the right choice. You need a car that will prove reliable and perform well for you, year after year. By choosing one with the AA stamp of approval, and buying it from an authorised dealer such as Motor Market, you can be sure that you have made the right selection.

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