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Staying safe on the motorways!
18 August 2020

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With more of us having “staycations” this year due to the current pandemic and travel restrictions that have been put in place, motorists are being urged to take extra care on the motorways and prioritise their safety!

Here we list a few of our top tips to keep you safe!

·         Make sure you keep plenty of distance between you and the car in front, the advice is to follow the two-second rule, ( make sure you have at least two seconds or more before you pass the same fixed point) give yourself time to slow down and react to anything that may be happening in front of you. If it is wet double this to 4 seconds!

·         Do not drive tired! Fatigue can affect your attention to the road, your reaction time and awareness. If you are taking a long journey the advice is to take a break every couple of hours. Take at least 15 minutes to stop and stretch your legs and grab a coffee, this will help you feel more alert and ready to get back on the road again.

·         Do not get distracted, as we know it is illegal to use a mobile phone to call or text whilst driving, but even using hands-free to take a call can take your mind off driving. Avoid talking too much to your passengers or fiddling with the radio or heating, even taking your eyes off the road for a second can cause accidents.

·         The stopping distance whilst driving on the motorway at 70 mph is 96 metres, this is calculated on the drivers thinking distance and the braking distance. This, of course, can be affected by various things such as worn brake pads/discs and the condition of the tyres, so making sure your car is road legal and safe is a must!

·         When joining the motorway, give priority to the traffic already on the motorway, look ahead and match the speed of the traffic just before joining. Once you have joined, stay in the left-hand lane until you become accustomed to the traffic flow and speed.

·         Only overtake to the right and not the left (undertaking) When overtaking allow plenty of room before moving back over to the left lane.

We hope these help you with driving on the motorway. If you feel your car is not in tip-top condition and do not feel safe taking it on a motorway, maybe it is time to look at one of our AA approved used vehicles.  The AA carries out an independent detailed 128 multipoint mechanical check and provides us with the report, only cars that pass on every point are issued with a certificate.

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