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How to find the best car finance deal for you

30 September 2016

When buying a new car, there are many options and factors to take into consideration. While finding your new motor is an exciting time, there are also a lot of details and possibilities to think about, which can make it more stressful. It is vital that you do plenty of research and preparation befor

Car finance options explained

20 September 2016

When you buy a car from a West Midlands dealer, you will almost certainly be offered a range of finance options. Financing is a significant profit stream in the car trade. It's important to understand what these different packages involve and what the terms mean. Check all your options before you si

A quick guide to car finance

29 July 2016

If you’ve been looking at upgrading your car, no doubt you will have come across multiple finances options and ways that try to make your purchase that little bit easier. However, if you’re not familiar with all the finance terms, it can just seem like a lot of nonsense and make the proc

5 ways to protect your car this summer

30 June 2016

It's finally summer, and you can't wait to showcase your new motor by driving around in the sunshine. Yet we need to bear in mind the damage that hot weather could do to our cars; you may be surprised to learn that it's not only our skin we need to shield from the sun's rays! Here are a few ways you

Be amazed by an automatic

23 June 2016

Here in the UK, we’re pretty much all manual gear drivers when we hop behind the wheel. There are a few exceptions, but the quantities of manual gearboxes on our roads outnumber the automatic gearboxes quite considerably.

Car financing options in the West Midlands

31 May 2016

Most new and used car dealerships in the West Midlands will offer a variety of car financing options - the reason why there are so many different options available is that different people’s financial circumstances will determine what type of financing they choose – what’s suitable

The benefits of diesel cars

26 May 2016

Ten years ago, the difference between petrol and diesel was pretty clear. Diesel was economical, but meant a noisy engine, a compulsory turbo element to get you away from traffic lights and roundabouts at anything faster than a snail’s pace and essentially, choosing practicality over fun. Die

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