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What to look for in a used car

25 September 2015

For many of us, a vehicle is one of the most important things we possess – and with so many practical reasons for owning a car, it is safe to say that making the right decision at a dealership is invaluable. Before even entering the forecourt, there are a number of things you should take into

Low Emission Used Cars

20 May 2015

Here at Motor Market, we appreciate that an increasing number of motorists are concerned about the emissions their vehicle produces, and the effect this then has on the environment. This is why we have introduced our exclusive listing of low emission vehicles below.

Terrific Family Cars

20 May 2015

Do you remember when there was just the two of you, maybe in a sleek roadster or a nippy about-town model? Then baby and child seats in the back immediately focused your attention on something slightly more substantial - perhaps a small hatchback or one of many choices in used family cars to drive a

The Vauxhall Corsa - democracy's car

13 May 2015

Britain is the envy of the world with its long-held democracy. Every five years, the people get to speak with a loud and clear voice. Here in the West Midlands, we enjoy holding politicians to account, so to celebrate our democracy, I want to talk about... the Vauxhall Corsa.

AA Checks & What They Are

30 April 2015

Whenever you visit our Motor Market homepage, one of the first messages you are likely to see concerns the “AA Mechanical Checked Cars sold here” banner. Several customers who have contacted our used cars centre here at Cradley Heath in the West Midlands, have asked for more detail about

Car financing in the West Midlands

23 February 2015

These days, when it comes to buying a new car, paying through vehicle finance is fast becoming the norm as more and more motorists take advantage of the convenient repayment options that are available. It is far easier on your finances to make smaller monthly payments than part with a lump sum that

Official Cradley Heathens Speedway sponsors

23 February 2015

Here at Motor Market, we’re no strangers to the thrill and allure of all forms of motor racing. Lucky for us, then, that we’re located just a few miles away from one of the region’s most successful motorcycle speedway teams, the Cradley Heathens. The Heathens, who are based at Birm

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